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1:1 Coaching Package for Mindfulness in Parenting an ND Child

My most personalized service to give you the support you need! Focus is on mindfulness as the parent of a neurodiverse child.

Available in 3-6 month containers. Each include weekly sessions up to 60 minutes, real-time Voxer support, access to the private Facebook membership group (Mindful Village® Forum), as well as lifetime access to the Mindful Village® signature program.


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1:1 Coaching Package for Mindfulness Life Coaching for Women

This is a package for non-parents as well as parents! Life coaching for women using mindfulness and self-compassion. Focus is on mindset; spiritual mentoring; joyful living; and high performance. We will set up a short phone call to see if we will be a good fit.

Available in 3-6 month containers. All packages include weekly sessions up to 60 minutes as well as real-time Voxer support!


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One Time Strategy Session

If you just want a little motivation or support to get you started, book this one time deep-dive strategy session.

This will include up to ninety minutes of a video chat or phone call and/or a one time review of a behavioral plan/mindfulness journal, etc.,.

I'll answer all your questions and help you get everything set up and started. This will also include a follow-up email to answer any lingering questions.

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Please Note: 

Although, I am a psychologist, the teaching and coaching on this site are not considered psychotherapy. We are not in a therapeutic relationship, which by definition involves a more in-depth analysis of psychological issues, including delving into the past. These trainings are educational in nature and should be considered as such. I am happy to get on a clarity call with you to see whether coaching or psychotherapy would be a better fit for your particular situation. If you require psychotherapy, I will help you find someone in your community. 


Mindful Village® Foundations 

This is my signature eight week online program for families with neurodiverse children. It combines mindfulness, self-compassion, positive psychology, and neuroscience to present parents/caregivers with a comprehensive, evidence-based, and optimistic approach to parenting their beloved neurodiverse children. 

Program bonuses include 12 weeks membership in the Mindful Village® Forum Facebook group which includes 12 weeks of live Q&As; weekly live meditations; and a BONUS deck of 30 affirmation cards for both parents and their children.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, we say it takes a mindful village!



Mini-Course on Mindful Parenting

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge and invest in Mindful Village® then this FREE mini-course on mindful parenting might just be perfect for you. Learn some quick tips on mindful communication and mindful discipline techniques.


Creative Control™ Behavioral Plan

If you're in the market for a product that will help you mange your child's behaviors, then the Creative Control™ Behavioral Plan might be what you need. This complete package has everything you need to manage your child's behavioral issues, mindfully and compassionately!

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