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Five ways to Self-Care While Parenting Your Neurodiverse Child

Join me to finally learn how important it is to take care of yourself while parenting your neurodiverse child! I will show you that not only is it okay to give yourself permission to put yourself first, but also you are doing your child a favor and will become a much better parent in the process. Your child deserves the best version of you. And so do you, my friend.

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Hey there, I'm Rabia!

Licensed Psychologist, IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Life Coach

I want to invite you to imagine a parenting world in which your child is not overwhelmed and you are not stressed. Yes, it is possible and I'd like to show you how to get there!

If you are the parent of a neurodiverse child, your life may be one of tension and stress, even though it's not your child's fault (it's the neurotypical world and the people in it!). Children with neurodiverse challenges are often overwhelmed within their environment and parents are a safe haven with whom to let out that frustration. Our poor babies need all the love and support we can give them. But parents/caregivers get overwhelmed, too! 

That's where I come in! I've been where you are, my friend—I see you struggle and feel your pain. I was in your shoes a few years ago. And I'm here to tell you that life doesn't have to be that challenging.

Besides mindful parenting, I also do heartfulness™ (mindfulness with heart!) life coaching. The goal is long-term shifts so you're living from a place of love and soul alignment.

Mindfulness changed my life and I'd like to help you reach that same state of peace and joy.

Now an International Best-Selling Author!

Rabia, along with 12 other amazing women, co-authored We Are the Sacred Feminine Rising which became a bestseller in over six countries! 

The feminine collective has arisen and reclaimed their power. At a microcosmic level, these stories tell of deep wounds and struggles; challenges which are overcome with resilience and courage. Watch these amazing women as they tap into their inner strength, embrace their sacred Divine Feminine, and rise to healing wounded womanhood on a global level.

Please click on the book to buy--all proceeds are going to the Native Women's Association of Canada.

How Mindful is Your Parenting? 

Time to find out by taking this quiz!

Take this quick quiz to find out how mindful your parenting really — links to a FREE mini-course on mindful parenting! 

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."

Alexander den Heijer

These self-paced mindfulness courses will allow you to progress at your own speed and inclination.


If you're looking for additional individual support and/or personal motivation and accountability, please check out my coaching packages.


Join a loving community of like-minded parents/caregivers and share the journey to mindfulness together.


What my clients are saying

"I honestly loved everything about this course. And at our first class the idea of just making meditation and mindfulness a daily practice no matter how short was transformative for me. I like incorporating meditation in my life, and struggled to always fit it in. Now I am meditating much more frequently and I am reaping the benefits. I love the compassionate way that you lead the class and discussion. Your heart and love just radiates from you, and it is felt by everybody. You really offered a safe space for all of us to discuss very deep and difficult topics. Rabia, You are very gifted at making people feel welcomed, included, and loved. Thank you for being a blessing in my life."

Hilarie H

Mindful Village® Foundations

Mindfulness for neurodiverse families!

Mindful Village® Foundations is an eight week online course which shows you evidence-based techniques to bring the peace and tranquility of mindfulness into parenting your neurodiverse child.

I definitely need this!

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