Five Ways to Self-Care While Parenting Your Neurodiverse Child

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

Why you feel like you're drowning as you're parenting your neurodiverse child.

Hint: it's not in your head!

Why I say that the first step in mindful parenting is YOUR self-care!

Remember the oxygen mask requirement while flying???

Why self-compassion is SO needed for parents/caregivers of neurodiverse children

What extra issues are present for  parents of ND children that makes this so necessary?

Five SPECIFIC ways you can self-care while parenting

I know you don't think you have the time for self-care but I will show you how to carve out that time and you will be so grateful you did!

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I love the compassionate way that you lead the class and discussion. Your heart and love just radiates from you, and it is felt by everybody. You really offered a safe space for all of us to discuss very deep and difficult topics. Thank you for that, Rabia!

Hilarie. H

Feeling as though you are stuck with no time for yourself?

Whether you are stuck with no self-care time for yourself at all or struggling to carve out a few minutes a day to take a breather, I've got you covered! As parents of neurodiverse children, we so often forget about ourselves while parenting. Our beloved children with their challenges do tend to leave us with little time for ourselves, right? I know it can seem impossible to make self-care a priority but I am here to tell you that you owe it to yourself AND to your child to do so! It's not only healthy for you but it will insure that you make a more patient, calm, and loving parent, as well.

Join me to finally learn how important it is to take care of yourself while parenting your neurodiverse child! I will show you that not only is it okay to give yourself permission to put yourself first, but also you are doing your child a favor and will become a much better parent in the process! Your child deserves the best version of you. And so do you, my friend.

A Note From Your Teacher...

Just a quick note to let you know...

I have been where you're at, my friend! I was that stressed out mama parenting her neurodiverse child, feeling guilty anytime I needed "me" time. And I felt guilty any time I lost my patience, which I did often. All that changed when I discovered mindfulness and started practicing self-compassion. This doesn't mean that I use the self-compassion as an excuse and take all the "me" time I want! It means that I understand and appreciate the importance of self-care for my mental and physical well-being. And this self-care then allows me to take better care of my son. Win, win all around! Let me show you how important self-care is for you as a person and as a parent. Your child will thank you, too!