The Creative Control™ Behavioral Plan

Everything you need to manage your child's behavioral issues, mindfully and compassionately!

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In this behavioral plan package, you will get....

(1) An explanation for why so many of our neurodiverse children have issues with behavioral management.

(2) Step by step directions on how to manage these behaviors using compassion and understanding.

(3) Details on what tools to use to negotiate the behavioral challenges (which allow you to collaborate with your child instead of arguing).

(4) Specific ideas on what to use for consequences and rewards.

(5) Actual fillable PDF charts to use for keeping track of your child's behaviors.

Learn a Main Reason Why ND Children Have Meltdowns


Hint: the answer is in the title of this plan!

Discipline Using Your Child's Strengths!

Use your child's strengths, not his weaknesses to modify behavioral challenges. AND learn how to collaborate with your child instead of just "punishing."

Use the Creative Control™ Combo for Maximum Efficiency

Learn how to combine rewards with consequences for the most effective discipline (and one which your child will accept!).

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Are you tired of your child's behavioral challenges which only seem to get worse as she gets older? 

What if you knew of the main reason why it is so difficult for your neurodiverse child to manage her behavior? And you were able to use that knowledge to to collaborate with your child so she could manage her behavior more effectively? 

What if this knowledge also came with specific ideas on what to do, as well as PDFs to chart and easily implement your plan?

What would this knowledge be worth to you?  Would it be worth the price of a dinner? 


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