About Me

Hello Beautiful Souls!

My name is Rabia and this is my site to help motivate you to live your life mindfully with joy and purpose. A brief bio on me: I am a licensed psychologist and mindfulness practitioner. I specialized in pediatric neuropsychology with emphasis on autism before having my own beautiful son with ASD. Ironic, right? But hey—at least I knew what to do! To make a long story short, I had a spiritual epiphany in 2013 which led to a complete change in my personal and professional life. I became immersed in mindfulness and found such a deep sense of peace and inner joy that I wanted to share it with others. So I re-trained in multiple evidence-based mindfulness programs and created the Mindful Village:registered: program when I couldn’t find one which met all my needs as a parent and as a professional. I am so excited to bring this program to other families with neurodiverse children and hope it will help you, too! Please check out my psychology website at www.DrRabia.com for info on my credentials and background.